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Welcome to At Home with dVa!

Lately I’ve noticed that my blogs posts are related to more things than my designs and what inspires me to create them. I have so much more I want to share with you all that are design and home related as well too. Which by the way inspires and motivates me to create my designs. After much thought and discussion I decided to create the “At Home with dVa” page on my site so I can share these ideas and inspirations with you. Here I will post my interests related to the creative side of  Home and Family; my other passions next to design.  It may be a space saving tip, a recipe that I decided to challenge myself with, a beautiful flower or vegetable in my garden, a DIY project that I’ve done or decorating ideas and tips. I hope you find what I share insightful and as inspiring as I do. I’ll leave you now with two beautiful tomatoes from my garden next to my basil plant. I love how the red of the tomatoes look next the the blue of the flower pot. I look at this picture and feel happy. Enjoy!

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