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Weekly Chore Chart – FREE DOWNLOAD

Yes… You read correctly – FREE DOWNLOAD!

This basic blue summer chore chart is versatile and can be used for a boy or a girl at any age. 

The reward and point sections are just a mere suggestion – you can put anything you want in those spaces. Some Reward or Payday examples I have seen are:
– Specific time for Video Games or Computer Time
– Staying up past bedtime for a specific amount of time
– Movie Night selection
– Game Night selection
– Money (in my example for my daughter we use the point system)


As an added bonus, I’m also included a sheet of blank “Dailies” for chores. We all know that kids have their weekly chores, but what about chores or tasks that need to be done every now and then or maybe shared among your children. This sheet has six blank “Dailies” – just cut to size and you are good to go.

Some of the “Dailies” we have used are:
– Empty school backpack and find a home things you are keeping/ toss everything else.
– Put summer camp backpack together (and then list the items they need in there)
– Pick up dog poop – (this one we give double points for)

What you get:

  1. PDF With
    • Editable customizable PDF for the Chore Chart
    • Editable sheet of the “Dailies”
  2. PDF of Details/Instructions which includes links to download the Fonts and link to Adobe Acrobat Free Trial (if you don’t have it already).

And yes it’s all FREE!

Enter your email below and once you click – your Chore Chart will be downloaded instantly!




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