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Office Shelving Organization Using Attractive Containers

Several weeks ago I installed these space saving shelves on the wall of my office/studio to have some space saving organization and tidiness. I had been procrastinating on getting containers to keep things organized and well, as the “Before” picture below shows, things got out of hand. As you can see these shelves found themselves in a terrible state of disorganization. Unfortunately, I found myself with an extreme inability to work with this chaos going on behind me. It was when I was recovering from the flu when I thought I would try to go into the studio and try to create. However, this crisis zone greeting me as I walked in made it impossible for me to concentrate. It was obvious at that moment that it was time to stop procrastinating and give The Container Store and much needed visit.

I decided to go with the color white and the texture of natural fiber to give some dimension. I am so very pleased with how everything came together. Everything has a home now. I also have a new improved system for keeping current projects I’m working on at my fingertips. Below are the “Before” and “After” photos – Enjoy!


BEFORE: Office/Studio Shelving


AFTER – Pretty and organized


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