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My Top 3 Ways to Take a Break While Working From Home

When working at home it’s easy to become engrossed in what we are working on. Before too long hours can go by and we don’t even realize it. I’m especially guilty of this happening when I am working on a new design or drawing. 

Below are my top 3 ways I have learned to combat this bad working at home habit.

1. Set a Timer or Alarm

Use the timer or alarm on your phone or use a site like Egg Timer – to set a specific amount of time between breaks. I like to get up and move around about every hour – sometimes a little less depending on what project I’m working on.

It’s ok to take breaks when working. In fact, studies have shown that taking regular breaks every hour or so have the following benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity – breaks can help with focus and raising energy.
  2. Improved Mental Well-Being – time away from your work area can help reduce stress
  3. Creativity Boost – this one really applies for me. Sometimes walking away from a creative project can create a new perspective when coming back to it.

2. Take a Lunch Break

Either pack a lunch (which is what I like to do) or get up and make a lunch or even go out to grab a bite to eat. No matter how you do it – TAKE A LUNCH BREAK!

Stopping to eat lunch – especially away from your workstation – helps you recharge, refuel and refocus. That way when you get back to work you are fueled and ready to go.

3. Schedule a time to stop working for the day

Often times when working from home, distractions can start to take over and blend itself into your work life – hence making for a very unproductive day. 

In order to create balance between work and home, schedule a specific time to stop working each day. After your workday is over – use that time to make dinner, do a load or two of laundry, or whatever household chore that needs to be done.  I look at it this way – If I were working away from home and in an office – I would not be able to do household chores – therefore I won’t focus on them while I’m working.

I hope these tips help you while adjusting to working from home. Creating a schedule and a system that works varies for everyone.

Bottom line is do what works for you. You may make some changes along the way but eventually you will be set up for success doing and creating your best work ever!


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