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Hello Heirloom…Floral Repeat Pattern Design

It’s amazing to me just how a change into a new season can bring about so many elements to inspire me. As spring was underway, the garden outside my studio window was taking on a new life…literally. As the stages of the flowers began to bloom, I couldn’t help myself but to go outside and take a closer look. The first flower had bloomed. It was the Mischief Peony which had grown to the size of large bush; an inheritance of a previous owner.


It had flowered and was beautiful. I was instantly inspired and new pattern was brewing in my mind. I snapped a pic for inspiration and hence, a new pattern was born – say hello to Heirloom…


Heirloom is a repeat pattern design created and copyright 2015 by Deanna V. Amirante aka Designs by dVa. Interested in having this design on your product?

Contact me directly; I’d love to hear from you!



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