Custom Wedding Invitations are Here!

Introducing my new line of custom digital wedding invitation sets and table numbers!

It’s amazing to me how an event or helming someone can organically lead you to a place in your creativity you never realized you had. This is exactly what happened to me recently. It started when our older daughter asked me to design and create a pattern for her wedding. She wasn’t exactly sure of what elements she wanted. So, I just started an electronic file of various florals and greenery elements that I had drawn that I was able to add to as she gave me ideas of what she wanted. 

Starfish Wedding Invitation Set

Burgundy Anemone Floral Wedding Invitation Set

Well, the next thing I know she asked me if I could or would design an invitation for her. I thought – okay, I had created a wedding invitation before for her cousin, so why not? Well, this expanded into me creating several invitations, along with the parts that go along with them as well as matching table numbers for each set. Before I knew it, I had a complete product line.

Purple Anemone Floral Wedding Invitation Set

Pink & Tangerine Phloxy Floral Wedding Invitation Set

They turned out so beautiful that I decided I had to share them with you! These floral and beach inspired wedding invitation sets are not only beautiful, but versatile as well. Not only can they be used for a wedding, but for other occasions as well. They could be used for a bridal or baby shower, birthday party, anniversary party, graduation or any event where an invite is required.

The added parts makes responding and meal selections a breeze. The details card is great for directions or hotel information or any other type of specific information your guests might need.

Lily Floral Tangerine & Turquoise Wedding Invitation Set

Dandelion Lily Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Set

Dusty Spring White & Navy Blue Anemone Floral Wedding Invitation Set



My new invitations are available in my website’s shop and in my Etsy shop – orders are accepted at both online locations.


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