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The Art of the Handwritten Note

In this day and age of electronics, we more often find ourselves lost in the mass activity of text or emailing in lieu of personal interaction with one another. It seems the art of conversation is slowly being lost to the drastic shift of the instant technical non-verbal forms of communication. Even the art of the handwritten note and letter writing are slowly being lost to these forms of communication.


Sure, we still send out Christmas or Holiday cards once a year, but even those are slowly giving way to the electronic age. This past Christmas season I had two Christmas e-cards in my inbox. The year before I received one.


Yes, I understand postage is expensive when having to send out a mass amount of cards. Heck, even wedding invitations are starting to be emailed because of this. However, to me anyway, nothing beats the touch and feel of a beautiful card in my hand.


I, along with my children, love the excitement of going to the mailbox to check for Christmas cards, birthday cards, and thank you notes etc. It’s the feeling of happiness you get when you get that envelope in the mail. The handwritten address, the stamp, and the return address all lead to the buildup of just opening the envelope. It is such a wonderful feeling, and I for one would hate it if my grandchildren never got to experience such a feeling; which sadly could be a possibility if the technical trend of e-cards, texting and the like keep going like they are.



There are so many beautiful note cards and stationery available these days. Many created by artisans, like myself. They can be found in your local department stores, grocery stores, and drug stores and online at sites like The note cards featured in this post are available in my shop. Click here to purchase.


So the next time you want to tell grandma or grandpa thank you for a gift or you are thinking of them; instead of picking up the phone try picking up a pen. I’m sure it will make their day.

Happy writing!


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