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My Top 3 Ways to Take a Break While Working From Home

When working at home it’s easy to become engrossed in what we are working on. Before too long hours can go by and we don’t even realize it. I’m especially guilty of this happening when I am working on a new design or drawing. 

Below are my top 3 ways I have learned to combat this bad working at home habit.

1. Set a Timer or Alarm

Use the timer or alarm on your phone or use a site like Egg Timer – to set a specific amount of time between breaks. I like to get up and move around about every hour – sometimes a little less depending on what project I’m working on.

It’s ok to take breaks when working. In fact, studies have shown that taking regular breaks every hour or so have the following benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity – breaks can help with focus and raising energy.
  2. Improved Mental Well-Being – time away from your work area can help reduce stress
  3. Creativity Boost – this one really applies for me. Sometimes walking away from a creative project can create a new perspective when coming back to it.

2. Take a Lunch Break

Either pack a lunch (which is what I like to do) or get up and make a lunch or even go out to grab a bite to eat. No matter how you do it – TAKE A LUNCH BREAK!

Stopping to eat lunch – especially away from your workstation – helps you recharge, refuel and refocus. That way when you get back to work you are fueled and ready to go.

3. Schedule a time to stop working for the day

Often times when working from home, distractions can start to take over and blend itself into your work life – hence making for a very unproductive day. 

In order to create balance between work and home, schedule a specific time to stop working each day. After your workday is over – use that time to make dinner, do a load or two of laundry, or whatever household chore that needs to be done.  I look at it this way – If I were working away from home and in an office – I would not be able to do household chores – therefore I won’t focus on them while I’m working.

I hope these tips help you while adjusting to working from home. Creating a schedule and a system that works varies for everyone.

Bottom line is do what works for you. You may make some changes along the way but eventually you will be set up for success doing and creating your best work ever!


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Spring Cleaning Organization – Free Printable Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar

It’s almost that time of year.  It’s fast approaching and if you are anything like myself, you may be looking around your house wondering – “where do I start first?”.  Yes I’m talking about Spring Cleaning!

I decided this year I was going to get organized and write down my tasks I wanted to accomplish. So I created a weekly calendar that can be filled in with whatever tasks or to dos I wanted to complete to help me stay on task.

It turned out so amazing that I just had to share it with you! 

The best part is is that once you receive the download you can print it out again and again as many times as you’d like.

So whether it’s spring cleaning or everyday tasks you want to write down just fill in the form below and get yours today! 

Please note the download will be blank – the items listed in the photo mockup is for example purposes only. You will be able to put whatever you want into yours!




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Pillows, Placemats, Tea Towels, Bedding & More!!!

Announcing a new Partnership with 

For those of you who love my pattern designs and love fabric, well have I got some exciting news for you. Several of my Design by dVa’s designs are now being featured on products at – I am so excited to share with you a small sampling of my designs and their products. 

Tea Towels Anyone???

I have been asked for like forever to create tea towels with my pattern designs on them. Well now you can find them at

The tea towels are sold in a set of two lovely linen-cotton tea towels. They are 16” x 24” towels feature a folded hem, white top stitching, and a subtle white hang tab on the back. They will soften and become more absorbent with use. These would make a perfect gift set for a friend or keep them for yourself.

Tea Towel in Green Circles & String Design – available @


Davina Floral Tea Towel Set – Available at

These tea towels are the workhorse of the kitchen, whether you use them for lint-free dish drying or keeping hands dry, they’ll bring a unique splash of color and personality to your kitchen.


Perfect for both daily use and more formal place settings. Sold in sets of four generously sized 20” x 20” dinner napkins.

Dinner Napkins with Green Circle & String Pattern Design; sold in sets of 4 at

Available in two finishes; a durable linen-cotton blend or a soft, lightweight organic cotton sateen. Each napkin features a folded hem and white top stitching.

Cloth Dinner Napkins in Sage Green Clouds Floral Pattern Designs – Sold in Sets of 4 t


Beautiful Bedding to Dress Up Your Bedroom

Made with 100% natural cotton sateen, the Wyandotte duvet cover offers a surefire way to update any bedroom with the color and pattern of your choice.

Bedding in Green Flying Leaves Pattern Design – All pieces sold separately at

The Wyandotte duvet cover features a crisp knife edge finish, a discreet hidden zipper at the foot, and comforter ties inside of each corner. Your selected design will be featured on the front and back of the duvet cover.

Comforter/duvet insert not included.

Shown: (1) Wyandotte King duvet cover, folded (2) Wyandotte King duvet cover, Sebright Euro flanged sham, Campine Standard sham on Queen bed


Find more of my pattern designs on these products and more at! ~ ENJOY!

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Fabric, Wall Paper & Gift Wrap

Spoonflower; A Partnership!

Designs by dVa is so excited to announce that 16 of Deanna V. Amirante’s designs are now available on Fabric, Wall Paper & Gift Wrap at

We have been waiting so long for this day to come. We have been asked over and over again; can I get your designs on fabric or wall paper? Well now you can.

Wallpaper – It’s Removable!

The wall paper is amazing! The rolls are 2 feet wide by 12 feet long. They overlap so the design works across the wall and is available is two kinds; Water Activated (removable) in a smooth finish and Peel & Stick (repositionable) in a woven finish. Removable wall paper – how great is that! Spoonflower also has an amazing online resource area in their Help menu to answer all of your wall paper questions; even diagrams on how to hang wall paper.

Deanna Amirante of Designs by dVa - Anemone White & Black Floral

Anemone White & Black Floral


Fabric Options Galore!

All of the designs are available in an array of Woven, Knit and Performance Fabrics giving you the best options for your sewing or craft projects.

Davina Mum Floral Design

Gift Wrap/Wrapping Paper

Designs are also available in a rolls of satin finish gift wrap measuring 26″ x 72″. Our designs make great gift wrap options for many different occasions. From Birthdays to Bridal or Baby showers or just because; dress up your gift with these beautiful design options at my Spoonflower shop.

Circles & String in Red Gift Wrap/Wrapping Paper


More of my designs will be added very soon, so check back often for the latest designs by me available at Spoonflower – Enjoy!


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Weekly Chore Chart – FREE DOWNLOAD

Yes… You read correctly – FREE DOWNLOAD!

This basic blue summer chore chart is versatile and can be used for a boy or a girl at any age. 

The reward and point sections are just a mere suggestion – you can put anything you want in those spaces. Some Reward or Payday examples I have seen are:
– Specific time for Video Games or Computer Time
– Staying up past bedtime for a specific amount of time
– Movie Night selection
– Game Night selection
– Money (in my example for my daughter we use the point system)


As an added bonus, I’m also included a sheet of blank “Dailies” for chores. We all know that kids have their weekly chores, but what about chores or tasks that need to be done every now and then or maybe shared among your children. This sheet has six blank “Dailies” – just cut to size and you are good to go.

Some of the “Dailies” we have used are:
– Empty school backpack and find a home things you are keeping/ toss everything else.
– Put summer camp backpack together (and then list the items they need in there)
– Pick up dog poop – (this one we give double points for)

What you get:

  1. PDF With
    • Editable customizable PDF for the Chore Chart
    • Editable sheet of the “Dailies”
  2. PDF of Details/Instructions which includes links to download the Fonts and link to Adobe Acrobat Free Trial (if you don’t have it already).

And yes it’s all FREE!

Enter your email below and once you click – your Chore Chart will be downloaded instantly!




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5 Ideas for Left Over Gift Wrap

I always seem to have left over pieces of gift wrap of all different shapes and sizes. Recently I started getting a little creative with what I could do with them, especially if there was a beautiful pattern on it. Below are my 5 favorite things to do with left over gift wrap ~ Enjoy!

1.  Curly Ribbon Bow 
























Take strips of paper and curl as you would curly ribbon. Then either tape pieces together or use a piece of ribbon to tie them together and attach to your gift. 


2.  Embellish a Plain Gift or Kraft Bag














Measure out a strip of gift wrap and use a glue stick to attach to a plain gift bag.


3. Line Drawers

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Making Up Pretty Organization. Use wrapping paper to line drawers.:





Line drawers and embellish the sides with left over gift wrap. Click here for instructions.











4. Wrap Baked Goods 

cute idea to do a band of patterned paper tied with ribbon/tag...@Anjali Rajani Gosalia wouldn't this be a great idea for Mom's persimmon bread?:






Take a strip and wrap baked goods to highlight a gift tag. 










5. Place in a Frame For a Special Gift or Home Decor


Leftover pieces of gift wrap make for great wall art too. Cut to size a piece and place in a pretty frame to dress up any wall or space.

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Introducing My Vida Voices Collection – Beautiful Modal Scarves & Other Great Fashion Products

Let me take a moment to share some exciting news! The wonderful folks at Vida have asked me to collaborate with them and put my designs on their beautiful products! Once I learned who this wonderful company is and what they are about, how could I say no?

Astro Lash Red & Black Retro Scarf

Royal Mum Floral Blue Scarf; Davina Blue & Orange Floral Scarf

I have always been a believer that if there is one item in your fashion arsenal that a woman should have is a modal scarf. What better way to dress up any outfit. Wrap around your shoulders on a cool summer night or bundle around your neck to keep you cozy and warm on a winter’s day. Plus they make great gifts too!

I have selected a handful of my beautiful designs to showcase on their wonderful modal scarves. I also have a couple of other surprises featured in my new Vida Voices Collection you definitely will want to see!

Each piece created by Vida is created, stitched and finished by hand. Plus they ship worldwide! 

Take a moment to check them out and maybe get one for yourself or for someone else; Enjoy & Happy Shopping!



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The Art of the Handwritten Note

In this day and age of electronics, we more often find ourselves lost in the mass activity of text or emailing in lieu of personal interaction with one another. It seems the art of conversation is slowly being lost to the drastic shift of the instant technical non-verbal forms of communication. Even the art of the handwritten note and letter writing are slowly being lost to these forms of communication.


Sure, we still send out Christmas or Holiday cards once a year, but even those are slowly giving way to the electronic age. This past Christmas season I had two Christmas e-cards in my inbox. The year before I received one.


Yes, I understand postage is expensive when having to send out a mass amount of cards. Heck, even wedding invitations are starting to be emailed because of this. However, to me anyway, nothing beats the touch and feel of a beautiful card in my hand.


I, along with my children, love the excitement of going to the mailbox to check for Christmas cards, birthday cards, and thank you notes etc. It’s the feeling of happiness you get when you get that envelope in the mail. The handwritten address, the stamp, and the return address all lead to the buildup of just opening the envelope. It is such a wonderful feeling, and I for one would hate it if my grandchildren never got to experience such a feeling; which sadly could be a possibility if the technical trend of e-cards, texting and the like keep going like they are.



There are so many beautiful note cards and stationery available these days. Many created by artisans, like myself. They can be found in your local department stores, grocery stores, and drug stores and online at sites like The note cards featured in this post are available in my shop. Click here to purchase.


So the next time you want to tell grandma or grandpa thank you for a gift or you are thinking of them; instead of picking up the phone try picking up a pen. I’m sure it will make their day.

Happy writing!


Not sure where to start?

Below are some links that might help you get started with your writing:

Examples of Words for Thank You Notes

How to Write the Perfect Note


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Our Christmas Memory Tree

What is a memory tree you ask?

Every Christmas we usually put up two Christmas trees in our home. A more formal, cohesive tree in the living room that has a theme and matching color scheme as well as a what we call a “memory tree” in our family room. This year however, we decided to move our memory tree into the living room  to compliment our new fireplace and make that our only Christmas tree this year. Like many people in this modern social media driven world, I too post pictures of our Christmas tree to my personal Facebook page tagging my husband as well as posting it to a group page my friend sets up each year for her friends to post pictures of their trees. My caption usually reads “our Christmas memory tree”.  The comments I receive are very warm and wonderful, but I also receive a lot of, “what’s a memory tree?”, or just plain “memory tree?”.  I decided instead of typing a long explanation in the comment field I would take the opportunity to write a blog post to share with you what our family calls a memory tree and include some pictures of my families “memories”.

In a nutshell a memory tree is basically just that, a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and items that have significant meaning or memories for you and/or your family. We include items of our kids such as their first pair of shoes (which is on grandma’s tree), things they made in preschool, ornaments from places we visited, ornaments from our childhood or that have been handed down to us. We even have small toys that have sentimental meaning and items from family events such as weddings and first communions. I even attach notes to some of them saying what the item is and why it has meaning. Below are pictures of some of the items on our tree with captions of what each item is and what meaning or memory it has for us. I hope this inspires you and your family this holiday season…

Enjoy and Buon Natale!


My older daughter’s coveted dalmations from Happy Meals of long ago riding in the slippers my younger daughter wore the first time she was a flower girl when she was two years old.


Our baby girl’s first ballet slippers.


Homemade ornaments my older daughter made for me as a gift when she was in preschool.


My youngest daughter’s “hand”made ornament she made for me in preschool.


An ornament from our travels – The Hermitage; a beautiful presidential home.


Another one of my youngest daughter’s home made ornaments; this one she made in kindergarten.


In memory of my beloved dog of 16 years, Ajax; his stocking with his collar in it and his patriotic bow tie he wore proudly.


The matches from my brother and sister in-law’s wedding.


Another ornament from our travels


It may not look like it, but this is a vintage ornament. It was on my parent’s first Christmas tree as husband and wife. It’s made of glass and I’m lucky to have 3 of these on my tree. I will be giving each of my daughters one someday.


s doll she played with as a little girl in the early 1900’s.


The garter I wore on my wedding day. My husband is a huge White Sox fan and did not want throw it at our wedding – so it has its place on the tree.


The angel my brother and sister in-law gave my youngest daughter on her first communion.


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Designs by dVa now at!

I am excited to announce that Designs by dVa can now be found at!

Do you have an event or party to plan? Have a special announcement to make? Want to let someone special know how you feel or that you are thinking about them? Then click below to see my designs on cards and ecards. I even have Valentine’s Day designs! – Enjoy!