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Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Ballet Shoes – A Sneak Peek!

It’s taking me a little longer than I anticipated, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at what will be available in the shop soon. My Ballet Shoes design. It is going to be available on note cards, thank you notes, fill-in invitations and jotters. As soon as I work out some production specifications I will have them in the shop – I promise!

Design Inspiration

Geometrics – A Sneak Peek!

It’s been a long and fun summer, but I’m finally back into my creative zone. I’m having so much fun with this next collection I’m working on. I’m calling it Geometrics and it’s very true to it’s name. I’m sharing one of the designs with you today – Enjoy!

Design Inspiration

Butterflies Galore – A Mackinac Island Discovery!

Our “annual” trip to Mackinac Island was on hiatus for two years. In those two years much of the Island has remained intact and the same. There are still no cars allowed on the island. Bicycles and horse drawn carriages (taxis) are still the mode of transportation next to walking, for getting from one place to another. Of course I cannot forget to mention the fudge shops; they are up and down both sides of Main Street as well as in some of the hotels and inns on the island. There are however, some new discoveries that inspired me that I’d like to share. So over the next couple of weeks I will post a new inspiring discovery from the island we  discovered this year.

First I would like to share with you The Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory. Access to this beautiful conservatory is easiest via the island tour and it is definitely worth the few dollars extra on your island tour ticket. Half way through the island tour they will have you change carriages from the smaller one to the larger one. It is at this location where the conservatory is. My family and I had a difficult time leaving this place to see the rest of the island. They had butterflies from all over the world there. They said that they bring them in from their native countries and at the end of the season they gather them up and return them to their country of origin. My youngest daughter was amazed that she got to see butterflies from Africa.

Below are is a sampling of some of the butterflies that we saw. I love their natural designs and patterns not to mention the colors on some of them. Enjoy!

IMG_2661-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2666-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2673-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2683-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2688-Version-2-764x1024

Design Inspiration

Say Hello to Nuclear Pink!

A while back I told you all that I was feeling a little “pink”. Well I acted on that feeling and directed my energies into something nastalgic. With some inspirations from the 50’s starburst I created four new designs. I’ve got a couple more coming up, but in the meantime say hello to Nuclear Pink – Enjoy!

Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_Starburst 2 Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_Pop Tart Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_PATCHY Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_Midge Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_Java Jane Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_Betty Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_50's Starburst

Nuclear Pink_Tear Sheet Pages_Veronica

Design Inspiration, dVa at Home

Where I’ve been…a Personal Note

It amazes me how just when you think your life is going smoothly; in a wonderful, peaceful direction where you are enjoying your family, creations and life in general, God throws you a curveball.  My husband and I, along with our children keep a very busy, fulfilling schedule, with our work, our family, our kids activities and our social obligations. We always have a lot of  “balls in the air” as the saying goes and that is normal for us. It is when a higher power throws that extra ball into the mix, the preverbial “curveball” is when things can change; drastically and unexpectedly. We were thrown 3. It is these “curveballs” that we were thrown that has been the source of my noticable absence.

Within a months time we lost 3 family members. Two of which were in one day. No matter if the bandaid is ripped off quickly or slowly, death is never easy. Dealing with grief and loss all while trying to maintain some sense of normality for our children (and ourselves) has been quite an undertaking. It has taken us a couple of months to reorganize and recover to get back into “our normal”  but we did it and are all doing well and living life again while maintaining our crazy schedules.

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer with more book signings for my husband’s new book (Defending a Monster), summer camp for our 5 year old, spending time with our 19 year old while she’s home from college, and finishing and creating new designs for Designs by dVa. We may even squeeze a vacation in there as well.

I want to thank everyone who stood by and supported us these past few months through difficult moments. Kind words and blessings go a long way and warms the heart.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!


Design Inspiration

In Honor of Mother’s Day

Two years ago I created a set of 4 designs to put on note cards as a mother’s day gift to my mother and grandmother. Inspired by my grandmother’s love of butterflies, I drew 4 butterfly designs and named them after my daughters, my mother, and myself. Remembering my mother and grandmother’s reaction of happiness and how much they loved them, I’ve decided to offer a special to you in honor of mother’s day. From now until Mother’s Day The Leona Collection Butterfly Note Cards are now being offered at half off on my website only in The Shop. – Enjoy!


Design Inspiration

reCREATE a Savannah Co-Op

While visiting Savannah Georgia today I stumbled upon a small little artist’s co-op called reCREATE. Walking into this vintage style building, typical of historical Savannah, I was greeted by Molly, probably the cutest and friendliest young lady I had met that day. Her energy matched the energy of the co-op and I found out she was one the artist who had their work on display there. She explained to me that the co-op provides a space for local artists to place their art for viewing and for sale after it’s produced. The artists pay for their space there with their time. Today was Molly’s turn at the co-op.

The rustic interior was a perfect match for the art displayed there. The art ranged from Molly’s watercolors to pottery to sculpture and works made from fabric. Below is a sampling of what is to see there. You can see more of the artwork there and learn more about the artists and reCREATE at their facebook page

If you are ever in historic Savannah, make sure to stop in and visit the artists at reCREATE at 10 W. Liberty Street (between Bull St. & Whitaker St.). It would definitely be worth your time and who knows you may even make one of the artist’s day by purchasing an original, one of a kind piece of artwork. – Enjoy!

photo_9 photo_8 photo_7 photo_6 photo_5 photo_3 photo_2 photo_1 Molly's Pillow 1



Design Inspiration

Bright, Fun Colors

I just love bright, fun colors. They make feel all happy and good inside and I was greeted with them on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby. It was supposed to be a quick trip to get a photo album for a project; you know, run in grab what you came for and run out. I didn’t have a lot of time, but who am I kidding right? This is Hobby Lobby, a place made for inspiration and a creative’s dream. So I couldn’t help myself and snapped a few pics to share with all of you. Enjoy!

Brother & Sister Design Oven Mitt Brother & Sister Designs Plate colorful totes Nicole Engblom Plate_1 Nicole Engblom Plate_2