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Butterflies Galore – A Mackinac Island Discovery!

Our “annual” trip to Mackinac Island was on hiatus for two years. In those two years much of the Island has remained intact and the same. There are still no cars allowed on the island. Bicycles and horse drawn carriages (taxis) are still the mode of transportation next to walking, for getting from one place to another. Of course I cannot forget to mention the fudge shops; they are up and down both sides of Main Street as well as in some of the hotels and inns on the island. There are however, some new discoveries that inspired me that I’d like to share. So over the next couple of weeks I will post a new inspiring discovery from the island we  discovered this year.

First I would like to share with you The Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory. Access to this beautiful conservatory is easiest via the island tour and it is definitely worth the few dollars extra on your island tour ticket. Half way through the island tour they will have you change carriages from the smaller one to the larger one. It is at this location where the conservatory is. My family and I had a difficult time leaving this place to see the rest of the island. They had butterflies from all over the world there. They said that they bring them in from their native countries and at the end of the season they gather them up and return them to their country of origin. My youngest daughter was amazed that she got to see butterflies from Africa.

Below are is a sampling of some of the butterflies that we saw. I love their natural designs and patterns not to mention the colors on some of them. Enjoy!

IMG_2661-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2666-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2673-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2683-Version-2-764x1024 IMG_2688-Version-2-764x1024

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