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5 Ideas for Left Over Gift Wrap

I always seem to have left over pieces of gift wrap of all different shapes and sizes. Recently I started getting a little creative with what I could do with them, especially if there was a beautiful pattern on it. Below are my 5 favorite things to do with left over gift wrap ~ Enjoy!

1.  Curly Ribbon Bow 
























Take strips of paper and curl as you would curly ribbon. Then either tape pieces together or use a piece of ribbon to tie them together and attach to your gift. 


2.  Embellish a Plain Gift or Kraft Bag














Measure out a strip of gift wrap and use a glue stick to attach to a plain gift bag.


3. Line Drawers

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Making Up Pretty Organization. Use wrapping paper to line drawers.:





Line drawers and embellish the sides with left over gift wrap. Click here for instructions.











4. Wrap Baked Goods 

cute idea to do a band of patterned paper tied with ribbon/tag...@Anjali Rajani Gosalia wouldn't this be a great idea for Mom's persimmon bread?:






Take a strip and wrap baked goods to highlight a gift tag. 










5. Place in a Frame For a Special Gift or Home Decor


Leftover pieces of gift wrap make for great wall art too. Cut to size a piece and place in a pretty frame to dress up any wall or space.

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