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dVa at Home

The Art of the Handwritten Note

In this day and age of electronics, we more often find ourselves lost in the mass activity of text or emailing in lieu of personal interaction with one another. It seems the art of conversation is slowly being lost…

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Our Christmas Memory Tree

What is a memory tree you ask? Every Christmas we usually put up two Christmas trees in our home. A more formal, cohesive tree in the living room that has a theme and matching color scheme as well as a…

dVa at Home

Office Shelving Organization Using Attractive Containers

Several weeks ago I installed these space saving shelves on the wall of my office/studio to have some space saving organization and tidiness. I had been procrastinating on getting containers to keep things organized and well, as the “Before” picture below…

dVa at Home

Pretty and Unique Colored Pencil Organization

While meeting with a client recently at my local Michael’s craft store, I stumbled upon the cutest little piece for workspace organization. I immediately knew that it would be the answer to my prayers for a more functional way…

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Hearts to You!

The tradition of exchanging flowers and candy between loved one’s is fast approaching as we anticipate this Valentine’s Day season. How about adding something a little different and unique to your gift exchange? My Hearts to You Monogrammed Note Cards and…

dVa at Home

Inexpensive Fall Home Decor

It’s hard to believe that it’s Thanksgiving season already. For some reason I seem to be really into the spirit of things. In the years past it has been difficult to find a good selection of Thanksgiving decor anywhere.…